Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jane {Tulsa Family Photographer}

Tulsa isn't exactly a giant city.  We only have around 400,000 people.  It's not exactly a "small town" either.  So, it can be fun to run into people you've become somewhat acquainted with in random situations.  Like the nurses that take care of your grandpa when he was in ICU and you spend 2 weeks sleeping on the tiny couch next to him.

That was the case with Jane.  She was one of the few nurses that left a lasting impression on me because she was really nice and she took good care of the one guy that I looked up to most in the world.  It cracked me up when I went to meet a new client for a session and it just happened to be Jane!

 We certainly had our work cut out for us after waking her son up from a nap to do photos.  Like any little person, he wasn't entirely sure he was down with our plan but we accidentally got some good shots in, without him realizing it :)

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