About my digital journey...

The mission of Digital Detours is not to merely create stunning and momentous photos for you.  It is to inspire you to show the world who you are as an individual.  My goal is to showcase your individuality by being you, using props and channeling your inner child.

My motto:
What is the point if you can't have fun?!

Life is too short not to experience it as it was meant to be lived!  Your experience should not be a chore, but moreover, an exciting experience.  Sharing your family's memories is more than just having a lens pointed at you.

When clients express their opinion, I listen.  Clients have replied that their experience was exactly what they hoped it would be.  We have a great time together trying different angles, poses, joking and just having a good time.  There is nothing more important to me than creating the experience you have in mind.  After all, You are the star!

Digital Detours' journey officially began in 2007.  I have continued to build a portfolio of my personal style each and every day by capturing the world around me and you.  When I'm not shooting, I continue to think outside the box, so you and your family have photos to talk about for years to come.

My digital journey continues...

Just as my business name suggests, my life is full of "digital detours". My passion has always been photography.  As I have explored the digital world, I have found that I have fallen in love with so many things that ebb & flow with photos!  So began my joyrney into graphic design.  From custom announcements to business branding, my Etsy shop has all kinds of new goodies for you to check out!

Please check out the galleries and my shop and feel free to contact me to schedule your experience or start a custom design today!

Becky Croft

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