Monday, November 22, 2010

you came to me in my dreams and you spoke of everything sweeter than the days that I was breathing..

As a photographer, I capture a small freeze frame of people's lives. The process that goes into creating memories is often a hassle for those on the other side of the lens. Sure, it's kind of a process for me too but I don't have to worry about looking perfect and choosing clothes. I don't have to make sure my makeup is just so. Nor do I have to choose the location. I cater to my clients requests so that they can share these images with friends and family. I'm sure at no point in time when they are making all these decisions about their personalized photo shoot do they stop and think to themselves that these may be the only things their loved ones have to remember them by one day. I can't say that is ever a thought in my head when I'm scheduling their shoot either.

As a photographer, I also fail to wind up on the other side of the lens very often. I'm the one capturing those memories, uploading them to Facebook or printing them as special gifts for the loved ones in my own family.

As I mourn the loss of such an amazing friend, I find that I only have a few photos of us together. We shared so many things together and I have some great stories to tell about our adventures in friendship. For that, I am incredibly grateful. The only regret I have is not capturing a few more of those moments to reflect upon in the future.

Thank you so much for being such an awesome friend and person. Wine won't taste quite as sweet without you to share wine dates with, nor will White Out Emergencies be quite as funny. I will miss you terribly. Always.

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